Visca Catalunya? Catalonia’s Past, Present and Future

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What lies behind the Catalan independence movement? Who are those leading efforts to secede from Spain? And who are those committed to preserving Spanish unity? As Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona is the inevitable focus for any drive towards full autonomy. Yet at its core, this is a struggle over personal and national identity - Catalan and Spanish. As we explore an engrossing past, a dramatic present, and many possible futures, our journey takes us through Barcelona’s elegant modernism, lush greenery and pedestrian-friendly boulevards. This is a walk that will bring you into living history.

What you'll discover

  • Understand Catalonia’s rich and extraordinary past
  • Explore historic sites associated with dramatic events
  • Learn about Catalan culture and politics
  • Find out why the independence movement could transform Catalonia and Spain
  • Dig deeper into a region with an expert guide

Join us on a captivating walk around Barcelona to explore the roots of the Catalan Independence movement. When demonstrators shout ´Visca Catalunya!´ (Long Live Catalonia!), what lies behind those passionate cries? And how widespread is their support? We’ll consider Catalonia’s annexation by Spain and France in the War of 1714, and its cultural suppression under the dictator, Franco. We’ll visit the Fossar de les Moreres (Cemetery of the Mulberry Trees) and the Eternal Flame dedicated to the defenders of 1714. And we’ll go right up to the present, and see the Generalitat de Catalunya (the regional assembly) - a focus of recent tumult. On October 27th 2017, the Spanish government dramatically shut down the Catalan parliament and issued arrest warrants for all its ministers - including its President, Carles Puigdemont - for holding an ‘illegal’ referendum. Nine separatist leaders have been jailed by the Supreme Court, and Puigdemont lives in exile. Two national ideals are now locked in struggle: Catalan independence and Spanish unity. What future do the majority of people in Catalonia ultimately want? Our guide will take you on an unforgettable journey to examine a place, a common history, and an urgent question of national identity.

Meet here

The meeting point is at the front of the Born Cultural Centre, underneath the giant Catalan flag: you can't miss it!

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HOLA, BON DIA - as we say in Catalonia! I’m Brian, and I’ve lived in Barcelona for six years now, married to a charming Catalan lady, and have been active as a professional tour guide for over a decade. I originally came to Barcelona from Ireland, via university in the U.S.A. I’m fascinated by history and sport, and I’ll show you how both phenomena have helped shape the identity and outlook of this extraordinary city. I look forward to meeting you on a Stroll tour. FINS AVIAT! - See you soon!

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