The Unknown Barcelona: Myths, Rebellions and Magic

3h English, Spanish

History is full of small stories, both true and invented. We’ll look behind the defining myths and official accounts, and follow Barcelona's untold journey into the present.

What you'll discover

  • Discover Barcelona’s hidden history
  • Learn about countless supernatural encounters
  • Visit burial sites of rebellions
  • Relive old tales of the Knights Templar
  • Explore modern Catalan Freemasonry

Trace Barcelona's origins from the Myths of Heracles, Hamilcar Barca and Montjuïc, to the Roman settlement that grew into the metropolis we know today. Along the way, we'll visit a number of the city’s most intriguing sites, including Barcelona Cathedral with its legends, the cursed Wizard house, the Fountain of Saint Justus, and the Basilica of Saints Justus & Pastor. We'll relive secret tales of rebellion, the Inquisition, and look into the history of Catalan Freemasonry. Finally, we’ll delve into the controversy surrounding Barcelona's paranormal encounters - from the ghosts of Canaletas and Margarita Xirgu, to magic incantations in Carme, burnt monasteries and convents, and the miracles of Santa Eulalia. Thousands of years of history, stories and mysteries packed into three hours.

Meet here

The meeting point is directly outside the Hotel Pulitzer (Carrer de Bergara, 8), beside the entrance to FNAC in Catalonia Square.

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I was born in Barcelona, and have lived in other cities and countries, but I always come back to this endlessly fascinating city. I’ll show you a Barcelona with a far richer and more mysterious past that you could have imagined - a place where history, myth and folklore still mingle in the streets and squares.

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“Was privileged to enjoy the tour. It was educational, informative and the guide was entertaining throughout. I highly recommend this tour and guide.”

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“Knowledgeable and entertaining. He combined a thorough explanation and exploration of the major historical sites with anecdotes. It was a terrific experience.”

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“He gave us an exceptional tour with just the right mix of facts, anecdotes, history and wit. I highly recommend Stroll walking tours!”

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“Entertaining, knowledgeable and a pleasure to walk with. Thanks for the history lesson and memorable stories. He even tailored the tour for us!”

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