The Park on the Other Side: East Berlin’s Playground

2h 30m English

Divided after WWII, Berlin became a city of twos: two urban centres, two zoos, two main parks. Treptower park is East Berlin's showcase park, with monuments and trails to rival its cousin in the West, Tiergarten. Come and explore the East’s playground and experience a fascinating world of lost and half-forgotten dreams.

What you'll discover

  • Explore former East Berlin’s own grand people’s park
  • See the Berlin’s most important Soviet war memorial
  • View the old excursion restaurant ‘Zenner’ re-built during the Cold War
  • Cross the Abteibrücke (Abbey Bridge) to the Island of Youth where you can rent old GDR paddle boats
  • Learn about the abandoned East Berlin amusement park
  • Gain a different perspective on life in the Communist East

To the East of the ring of train tracks that circles the city lies a park as grand as Tiergarten to the West. Treptower Park is where East Berliners came to play and to embrace nature during the Cold War. On this walk you’ll gain a feeling of what life was like in the days of the GDR (German Democratic Republic). You’ll also encounter the most important Soviet monument in Berlin: the imposing War Memorial to the Soviet soldiers who fell in the Battle of Berlin in April - May 1945. From the ashes of war to the pastimes of a now vanished communist state, we’ll uncover an East Berlin that passed into history in 1989 - but still lives on in the memories of many. In the warmer months you’ll see people enjoying the Spree river in rented GDR-era paddle boats, as well as a few sunning themselves in the style of the Freikörperkultur (FKK: Free Body Culture) - a form of naturism still popular in the East. In the colder months, you’ll experience a sense of haunted dreams as we walk along the trails - this was the pastoral idyll of a surveillance regime that hemmed in its citizens behind a concrete wall and check-points to the West. We’ll wander along the outskirts of the abandoned amusement park, Spreepark, and explore its remarkable life as East Germany’s only amusement park - and consider its uncertain future. This original walk will take you on a deeply atmospheric voyage through the monuments, landscapes, and dreams of a lost society.

Meet here

The meeting point is right in front of the S-Bahn Station at Treptower Park.

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I'm Leah, an American living in Berlin for the last few years. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of exploring Berlin's streets and discovering its varied personalities. From punk to opera, from architecture to landscapes, to the many layers of art and graffiti than can be found running through the east and west, I love the pace and strange mixture of this city - Berlin.

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