Strange Paris: a Magical Mystery Tour through the City’s Secrets

3h English, French

Paris is a city famous for its historical landmarks, impressing tourists and residents alike. Yet beyond the great set pieces there also lies a more mysterious city. This is a place of signs, clues and puzzles left on ancient walls and streets - traces that might otherwise escape the casual passersby. Decipher this hidden history with a guide who’ll lead you back on a trip through time...

What you'll discover

  • Uncover gems hidden throughout the city
  • Wander through the Marais and Latin Quarters with an expert guide
  • Enter ancient and atmospheric churches
  • Listen to the medieval legends of Paris
  • Discover a Paris otherwise unknown to Parisians and visitors
  • Experience a new way to explore old cities

Walking through Paris is often described as rather like wandering through history. There are the celebrated landmarks and heritage sites - like the Louvre or Notre Dame - buildings that impress by their beauty, size and cultural significance. But history is not just the tale of the powerful and the mighty. Ever since settlers arrived in l’Île de la Cité 2,300 years ago, Parisians have always managed to leave their mark, no matter how modest. This is a walk that looks for their stories in buildings, streets and alleyways. We won’t be looking for the obvious or the famous, but rather for the hidden and the unknown. As we search for traces of those who preceded us, we’ll walk through some of the oldest and best-preserved neighborhoods of Paris - the Marais, l’Île de la Cité, and the Latin Quarter, weaving between ancient and modern times, darting from one millenia to the other. Whether it’s the legends behind the foundation of one of the oldest churches in the city, the difficulties of graffiting private property in the 1700s, or the extraordinary lengths to which some would take notions of honour and revenge, this walk will transport you into the secrets, dramas and mysteries that lie within the stones of Paris.

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The meeting point is the Saint-Sébastien Froissart métro stop.

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After graduating from the Sorbonne University in 2014 with a Masters Degree in French History, I naturally gravitated towards a job that allowed me to share my passion for French History & culture. I'm lucky to say that has been my occupation for the past five years. Join me as we uncover together what makes Paris one of the most celebrated and unique cities in the world!

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“He was by far one of the best guides I have ever had on the walking tours I have done.”

Barbara, United States

“We were shown a city that any other group tour would not have. It has been so interesting and personal. Thank you!”

Lesley, United Kingdom

“Was privileged to enjoy the tour. It was educational, informative and the guide was entertaining throughout. I highly recommend this tour and guide.”

Lisa, Ireland

“Knowledgeable and entertaining. He combined a thorough explanation and exploration of the major historical sites with anecdotes. It was a terrific experience.”

Kenneth, United States

“He gave us an exceptional tour with just the right mix of facts, anecdotes, history and wit. I highly recommend Stroll walking tours!”

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“Entertaining, knowledgeable and a pleasure to walk with. Thanks for the history lesson and memorable stories. He even tailored the tour for us!”

Desley, Australia
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