Silicon Valley of Europe: Discover Dublin’s Digital Hub

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From playing a crucial role in Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising to near total dereliction by the early 1990s, discover how Dublin’s Docklands have been transformed into one of Europe’s leading digital hubs - home to international tech giants and an inspiring start-up culture.

What you'll discover

  • Explore the tumultuous history of the Docklands from industrial revolution to digital disruption
  • Get insider stories about each major company
  • Learn about the changes that have swept the area and hear what the future holds in store
  • Explore your inner geek with a guide who really knows the territory
  • See the EMEA HQs of companies like Google Facebook and AirBnb - and follow their latest plans

Dublin’s Docklands have been transformed into Europe’s premier digital hub. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Airbnb are just a few of the international tech giants who have made their EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) headquarters in this compact part of the city. Alongside them a growing startup culture is flourishing. Yet the ‘Docks’ have a fascinating history stretching back to the 18th century. Then, the Grand Canal was built to link the river Liffey to the river Shannon in a bold attempt to invigorate the nation’s economy. This was to be Ireland’s first communications revolution. Within fifty years the canals were superseded by the advance of the railways, and the Grand Canal went into decline. Industrial buildings, such as Boland’s Mill, witnessed some of the most dramatic events of the 1916 Easter Rising, but by the end of the century had become abandoned shells. Against this urban wasteland, the band U2 recorded some of their most memorable songs. Now soaring above those rugged walls are the glass palaces of businesses whose platforms connect the lives of billions. Your tech-geek Stroller will share the revealing tales behind the terabytes, and peer into the future of those titans who dominate the Docks - and the world about us. Explore a side of the Docklands even most locals don’t know about.

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The meeting point is right outside the doors of the Marker Hotel in Grand Canal Square.

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Meet your Stroller


Hi! My name is Jason and I'm a Stroller here in Dublin's fair city. Between studying at our world famous Trinity College and being heavily involved in our thriving startup scene in Dublin, I have a unique perspective on both life in the city and how Dublin is establishing itself as a centre for tech, and business innovation. And I'm delighted to share that perspective with you on this stroll, with lots of fun along the way!

19 Reviews

  • Michelle Greene

    April 2019

    We really enjoyed the Silicon Dublin tour with Carl. He is very well prepared and can add lots of inside knowledge. Well worth it.

  • Cristina Espejo-Badia

    February 2019

    We work often with Stroll Tours and it is always a guarantee of success. I recently had a Spanish group with them and they had the best time. The guide knew exactly how to engage with guests and his level of Spanish was very good. Highly recommended.

  • Lisa M.

    September 2018

    I felt privileged to enjoy the Silicon Valley of Europe tour with Jason. It was educational, entertaining and very enjoyable and I would highly recommend both Jason and the tour. I have lived in Dublin for 17 years (originally from New Zealand) so it was great to get to hear stories of places I have visited in that time. Thanks very much!

  • Dagmar van der Lee

    July 2018

    We have had a great time with Carl. He guided us full of energy and enthusiasm and enriched us with his knowledge. Many thanks.

  • Darren Kelly

    October 2017

    We had a very knowledgeable tour guide in Carl for a corporate event with 40 people. The tailored tour allowed us to fit in a relaxing enjoyable experience in the limited available time providing a great cultural snippet to our overseas visitors. Would highly recommend this company.

  • Marcin F

    August 2017

    Fantastic overview of Dublin's tech scene, highly recommended if you are looking for a different perspective on Dublin, different from usual history tours...

  • David Blinko

    May 2017

    Found out about this tour on the newspaper, glad I went, it was inspiring.Thanks Carl, highly recommended. :)

  • Luis F

    May 2017

    Just finished the 'Silicon Valley of Europe' tour, a very interesting part of Dublin, thanks Carl for such great tour of the silicon docks, we weren't expecting so many companies in such small space!

  • Viktorija Rodgers

    May 2017

    Great experience, really cool seeing all the important headquarters of all the big companies that we know so much of! Carl did an amazing job, knowing a lot of facts about each place and keeping us upbeat!

  • Erica S

    May 2017

    Great to see all of the technology buildings. Carl gave an excellent overview of Ireland's history in the beginning of the tour and an in-depth description of each company. Would recommend!

  • Sarah Boelsche

    May 2017

    We did the Silicon Valley of Europe tour with Carl Jackson and it was really interesting and fun! He explained some background about the history of Ireland that was helpful in fully understanding the area and the companies there.

  • Matthew Freer

    May 2017


  • Karl Grusse

    April 2017

    Very fascinating part of Dublin, must-see!

  • Anthony Woodward

    March 2017

    Maddy was an exceptional guide. She kept the tour entertaining and informative. Looking forward to try other tours

  • Jean Warren

    March 2017

    Very interesting tour, Maddy took us around the best spots in the Docklands

  • Beatrice Seymour

    March 2017

  • Laurence Neville

    March 2017

    It was a great tour. Totally recommended!

  • Ralph Roberts

    March 2017

    Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of humor for the group during our tour.

  • Anne Broussard

    March 2017

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