Dublin After Dark: Untold Tales of the Paranormal

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History hides thousands of forgotten tales, and while every city claims to have paranormal activity, few can equal Dublin’s many centuries of supernatural encounters. Some of the world’s finest Gothic fiction emerged from these dark beginnings. In this city, the most startling stories may be resting just beneath your feet.

What you'll discover

  • Discover Dublin’s hidden history
  • Uncover Hallowe’en’s ancient Gaelic roots
  • Learn about countless supernatural encounters and hear astonishing tales
  • Explore the ghostly and macabre side of historic locations
  • Trace the origins of some of the world’s most famous Gothic stories

From 1,000 year old Viking enclaves to modern apparitions of the Virgin Mary, in Dublin the ground you walk over holds countless stories waiting to be heard. Join us as we get to know Hallowe’en, a modern incarnation of the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain, ushering in the ‘dark half’ of the year. Drift through a history of Irish ghosts - banshees, púcaí, vampires, fairies, and the headless horseman. Was that fleeting breeze you felt perhaps something more? After all, those whose lives were cut short still have so much to say. The famed Irish rebel, Robert Emmet was hung and beheaded for treason, and is rumoured to haunt the Brazen Head pub - his spirit still not allowed to rest. Along the way you may encounter the shade of Dorcas ‘Darkey’ Kelly, a brothel-keeper who was accused of being a witch, and burned to death in 1761. Even the site of Handel’s Messiah in Temple Bar may hold an unquiet spirit. It's no coincidence, then, that two of the greatest masters of Gothic fiction - Sheridan Le Fanu, author of Uncle Silas, and Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula - were born and raised in Dublin. Find out what inspired them, and join us on an exploration through castle yards and cobbled streets for the real, the uncanny, and the ghoulish.

Meet here

The meeting point is directly opposite Chez Max cafe on Palace Street, next to the pedestrian entrance to Dublin Castle.

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Meet your Stroller


Hi! My name is Jason and I'm a Stroller here in Dublin's fair city. Between studying at our world famous Trinity College and being heavily involved in our thriving startup scene in Dublin, I have a unique perspective on both life in the city and how Dublin is establishing itself as a centre for tech, and business innovation. And I'm delighted to share that perspective with you on this stroll, with lots of fun along the way!

20 Reviews

  • John Frasier

    October 2019

    Very engaging tour, Jason was a fantastic story-teller. 5 stars!

  • Rosie Sobczuk

    September 2019

    Highlight of our time in Dublin! The guide is very knowledgable and passionate about history, not only that but she is a great story teller and very friendly. Would recommend to anyone visiting.

  • Julian Felton

    September 2019

    The guide was very passionate and knowledgeable and she drove us through Dublin's creepiest past. Highly recommended, great tour!

  • Adam Wiklo

    August 2019

    Though it wasn't quite Dublin after Dark (summer time light) our tour guide, Jack, was still brilliant. Very informative and a very good story teller. The time went effortlessly and seeing the sites of Dublin that we had wouldn't have thought to try and see was fascinating. Highly recommended!

  • Steph Palmer

    December 2018

    Excellent tour! The guide was very engaging and factful. Would definitely recommend to a friend :) Many thanks!

  • Helen Corcoran

    September 2017

    Would definitely recommend the walk, Martha was a great guide!

  • Kathryne Del Sesto

    September 2017

    I've lived in Dublin for 5 years, and she was full of stories I've never heard. Very personable and genuinely creepy!

  • Jack Ma

    August 2017

    Stunning tour across Dublin, very peculiar story-telling. I recommend!

  • Chen Sui

    April 2017

    Spooky legends, dark stories, a part of Dublin that you won't find in tour guides... Emily's storytelling was impressive and her voice is...amazing! We had a great time, thumbs up! :D

  • Meggy Gotai

    April 2017

    the highlight of our weekend in dublin, thank you emily! :)

  • Cathy Martinez

    March 2017

    One of the best tours we ever had

  • Dylan Overton

    February 2017

    I really enjoyed myself and would recommend this to anyone who was visiting Ireland

  • Caterina Toremura

    November 2016

    I did the tour 2 days ago and I must say that Emily was an amazing guide! She guided us through some hidden corners of ancient Dublin and told us interesting, dark stories of the past. She is very talented and passionate and made the tour a really enjoyable experience. Highly recommended! :)

  • Cris Romero

    November 2016

    Emily is an amazing guide! Funny, kind and with an amazing voice! I totally recommend her tour, worth every cent!! ☺️

  • Giusi Martina di Blasi

    November 2016

    We took the Dublin after dark tour last night. Very entertaining and enjoyable! Interesting stories for some of the darker parts of Dublin history. Our guide Emily was a very talented story teller so she set the mood for each part of the tour! 100 gold stars for Emily!

  • Fiona Norstrom

    November 2016

    Very interesting contents, would have liked it a little bit longer! :)

  • alan m

    November 2016

    great craic and a good storyteller

  • Jen Gore

    November 2016

    This tour was so fun and full of things i didnt know about Dublin's creepy history. Our guide was lovely and engaging.

  • Amanda Costa

    November 2016

  • Alice B

    November 2016

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