If you have any specific questions on your mind, please use the ‘Support’ section of the website and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy. If you have a general query about how to use our website, the following FAQs should help.


Booking a tour

Q. Will I be the only one on the tour?

Yes, our tours are 100% private. We do it for a better experience. No one else will join, just yourself, family or group.

Q. Will my payment be secure?

Absolutely. All your payment information is encrypted through our secure online payment system, protecting you against fraud. Our payment partner Stripe is used by thousands of small and large companies and is certified to PCI level 1, the most stringent level of financial certification. Please note that your credit card will be automatically charged upon booking.

Q. How long after I make a booking will I receive confirmation?

You will receive immediate confirmation of your booking to the provided email address. All essential booking details will be provided in the email. If you need a pro forma invoice, please get in touch with support@gostroll.com and we’ll be happy to provide one.

Q. How do I change information about my reservation after I make a booking?

If your booking requires editing, such as adding/removing participants or changing date/time, please email your request to us at support@gostroll.com We’ll do our best to accommodate your request based on our guides’ availability and Stroll’s Terms of Service.

Q. What do I need to bring with me on my Stroll tour?

Keep your email confirmation to hand on your mobile device. Depending on the city and the season, dress appropriately for the weather. So bring a trusty rain-jacket in case the heavens open up. And remember to wear sunglasses, hat or sunscreen if it’s bright and sunny. Taking along water in a reusable bottle is recommended, especially in Summer. Some itineraries may include places of worship, so it’s important to check the details of the walk for advice on any requirements for attire. Churches may deny entry to visitors who wear mini-skirts, shorts or exposed shoulders. Dress for comfort, but not too comfortably. If you have any questions, simply send an email to support@gostroll.com


Q. How do reviews work?

Reviews are written by customers who have been on a Stroll tour in the past. After your tour, you’ll receive a follow up email inviting you to submit a personal review of the tour and of the guide. Leaving a review can be easily done at www.gostroll.com/review. Although leaving a review is optional, constructive feedback really does help future potential customers to make an informed decision about what type of tour and Stroller would suit them best. At Stroll, we genuinely appreciate and value your reviews, since they allow us to provide the best service for all travellers.

Problems and cancellations

Q. There was a problem with my booking.

If you require minor changes to your booking, such as slight alterations to the date/time or type of tour, please send us a message at support@gostroll.com, including your booking reference and the changes you would like.

Q. I can no longer attend and require a cancellation.

We fully understand that a traveller’s plans can change and at Stroll, we seek to be as accommodating as possible. A 100% refund is available up until 7 weeks days before the scheduled tour is due to commence. Any cancellations after that period cannot be refunded. In order to request a refund, you will need to email the following information to us at support@gostroll.com.