About Us

About Us

Stroll’s mission is simple. We aim to personalise the way people travel.

Typically a visit abroad ends up on the same tourist path, a line that connects one monument to another, resulting in the same selfies of the same stuff, just to say “I’ve been there” on social networks. But if you only knew about all of the city’s unique charms around you and hidden stories waiting to be told you might take a different route, for life is never ordinary if you know where to look.

Yet, you need something special to discover these things. People! After all, it’s the people you meet along the way that make a trip truly special.

With Stroll you can connect with local people and go strolling with them to somewhere new, in a simple, personalized and affordable way. There is genuinely something for everyone. All you need is your smartphone to choose from one of the many specialised city itineraries, uniquely designed by real locals, with real names, who want to show you what it is that makes their city special to them. 

Simply pick a Stroller of your choice, meet them and follow the orange backpack! You can also choose to have a very special private experience just for yourself, friends or family.

Take life in, one step at time. Go Stroll!