About Us

Creating Unique Experiences

Stroll’s mission is simple. We aim to personalise the way you experience a place. A visit to a new destination typically ends up on the same tourist path. A standard itinerary takes a group from one monument to another. The same selfies are taken before the same sights, just so someone can say “yeah, I’ve been there”. In the world of social media, so many trails seem to blur into one.

Stroll was founded by Davide Barbieri and Giuseppe Vitulano to change that. We’ve both worked in the technology industry, but feel that technology should never get in the way of the personal. In fact, it should enhance it.

The key to finding a city’s unique charms and hidden stories is its people. After all, it’s the people you meet that make a trip truly special.

Know a Place, Making Connections

With Stroll you can connect with guides who really know a place. Strollers who have a passion for their city and a gift for sharing it. Above all, they’re storytellers who don’t work from a standard script, but instead create something unique through us. All you need is your smartphone to choose from one of the many original city itineraries devised by the same people who’ll show you round.

We believe a city walk should be about creating something special. It’s not a standard product. Our tours are private so we can truly focus on the experience of the customer. That means we can tailor a tour around a visitor’s specific needs and wishes. And our itineraries can be customised, so this truly becomes your city walk.

Stroll can do this because we understand the importance of seamless online technology - from web pages that give you a feel for what’s in store, to a booking process that puts you effortlessly in control. We’re working on the next chapter of our story, developing technologies to transform the way you see a city.

Yet at the heart of it all is someone for who can tell you what’s special about a place and show you why. All in a Stroll.